Artificial Turfs Dubai

buy high quality Artificial Turfs in dubai & abu dhabi acroos UAE

buy high quality Artificial Turfs in dubai & abu dhabi acroos UAE

Best Artificial turf in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Artificial turf is made by synthetic fiber which exactly looks like natural grass. It is mostly used in arenas for sports that are played on grass. However, now it is widely used in residential areas and in commercial applications rooftops, patios, playgrounds, golf courses.

Artificial turf Dubai installation at Risala furniture

Artificial turf Dubai installation is also a very important aspect as we know if installation not done properly then artificial turf doesn’t look nice and purpose of installing artificial turf Dubai would be failed. At Risala furniture installation is done by experienced professional who are very well aware about that which steps should be required during installation process of artificial turf Dubai like as Base prep, nailer boards, cutting, seaming, securing and finishing.

Artificial turf Installation done by Risala furniture would not be affected by changes in temperature and weather as they are mechanically bonded and required low maintenance also makes your surface remains green all year around. Our artificial turf Dubai installation team doing their project with utmost care and their knowledge and expertise make installation successful in proper way.

Advantage of installing the artificial turf or artificial grass in your exteriors:

  • No need for watering
  • Natural green environment
  • Gives feeling of real grass
  • Softer surface
  • Doesn’t smell
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Easy to clean by water
  • No irrigation or trimming

Varieties and dimensions of artificial turf Dubai at

  • Kids Playground Turf: Available in 6mm,10mm and 15mm size.
  • 6MM: This is the smallest size category of the turf made from finest synthetic material and widely used in backyards and playgrounds.
  • 10mm: This dimension turf is inexpensive and very good option to use for kids playground or swimming pools.
  • 15MM: it’s very difficult to maintain original grass as it need loads of water and high maintenance and would not that much safe for kids as artificial turf Dubai. These 15mm turf is best suited in play zones and swimming pool areas.
  • Landscaping Turf: Available in 25mm and 35mm size
  • 25 mm and 35mm : These grasses are the best replacement of original grass as it doesn’t require trimming or irrigation and the perfect choice for your lawn areas and backyard areas for homes gives soft feeling to your feet when you walk on these turfs.
  • Football soccer Turf: Available in 45mm.
  • 45 MM :  These are specifically designed for sports like football and baseball. Available in different thickness and height with great quality.

Services and customer support

Artificial turf Dubai available in different qualities and prices you can choose any as per your need however we prefer to check your site before telling you our best recommendation for your area. Our man can visit you at any time of your choice to take the measures and give you his recommendations for your site for free. For more information, you can call at 056-600-9626 or mail us at We serve clients all across Dubai, Sharjah, al ain, Abu Dhabi, Ajman, Um Al Quwain and Ras Al Khaimah

  • buy high quality Artificial Turfs in dubai & abu dhabi acroos UAE

    buy high quality Artificial Turfs in dubai & abu dhabi acroos UAE