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Throwback to the 17th Century – Chateau de Versaillas adopted parquet flooring to swap marble floors that were hard to wash and difficult to maintain. It gives a distinctive appearance to the floor. The geometric shapes and styles of parquet got very popular. Today, parquet flooring is widely used in the UAE and everywhere.

What is Parquetry or Parquet Design

Parquet, is a French word that means little component. In home interior designs, it’s the geometric mosaic of small pieces of wood. The purpose of this mosaic is to decorate the floor of a property. Majorly, parquet patterns include angular, square, and other geometric shapes with curves.

The most famous parquet pattern is known as herringbone. However, interior design companies can also handcraft parquet floors for their clients. Interested to buy?

Opt for the best Parquet flooring Dubai based services to lay premium quality foundation in your house. Read on to know the best benefits of parquet floors:

Advantages of Parquet Flooring

Parquet is popular material used in furnishing Dubai homes. It is made from different wood gains and types to create a unique pattern. The sky is the limit when it comes to types and patterns for home beautification.

If you are wondering about the benefits of parquet floors, check out some of these:

Striking Patterns

Natural woods of many kinds and grains, when combined together create amazing patterns. This is the best reason why many homeowners in Dubai go for parquet. The patterns can easily match with any lifestyle.

Long Lasting

Parquet is made of wood which is a natural and hence, durable material. Sometimes, parquet can live for more than 30 to 40 years.

Allergy Resistant

Parquet does not allow allergens to stay in it. It makes it a safe material for the pet lovers and other home and property owners.

Easy Clean, Easy Maintenance

Parquet does not absorb stains or bad odor. It means the material is an excellent choice for you if you are health-conscious or cleanliness freak.

Low Cost

There are many types of parquet flooring which fits it into almost any budget. So, if you have more money, go for expensive finish and if you don’t have extra budget, then choose an economical parquet material.

Luxurious Look

Flooring is highly essential part of a home interior. The reason is it serves as the foundation of a property. Go for Parquet flooring Dubai based services because it looks luxurious and sophisticated. Some suppliers can also offer you handcrafted parquet which looks fantastic.

Final Verdict

When it comes to flooring, choices are many – from laminate to PVC and from vinyl to tiles and more. However, parquetry surpasses others when it comes to getting a luxurious look at affordable rates. It’s neat, clean, dust and mite free, easy to clean and appealing to look at.

Parquet flooring is a highly recommended flooring style if you have a taste for mosaic patterns. Or you are a fan of wood materials – contact a professional interior design company to help you get the best design.

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