Moroccan Majlis

Moroccan Majlis 2

Moroccan Majlis Dubai

Moroccan ethnic style entered a golden period in the 11th century until the 15th. Architectural Morocco undergone many developments without changing its core. Typically, the kasbah is a local traditional building shaped like a fortress on a hillside thick Hispano culture and a touch of Moorish Spain.

Common color used in the design ie ethnic Moroccan terracotta, brown, gray, green, orange, white, blue, and a little red. All natural coloring made ​​from trees and rocks that exist in nature Morocco. Therefore, the architecture of Morocco often looks plain on the exterior, but when it gets into the inside was filled with game geometric and floral designs and plants.

Moroccan ethnic style architecture is able to tell the long history of mixing different cultures in different parts of the African continent. The influence of Moorish culture, Arab, and Berber can produce concept art architecture and building decoration typical.
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