Carpet Doormats

carpet doormats

Carpet Doormats

From retrieved garments, come these good-looking up cycled carpet doormats. Each floor mat is totally unique due to the wide diversity of colors from the found clothes. Making these even more singular and one-of-a-kind! Carpet Doormats are our most widely held type of door mat.

All carpet mats offer a great carpet surface with either a vinyl or rubber support. Carpet door mats work well as interior door mats to help remove dust, wreckage and moisture from people’s shoes as they walk inside. While our standard carpet door mats are built out of ole fin fibers and are made for light-medium duty use, our deluxe carpet door mats offer a premium nylon surface which is more durable, especially in high-traffic entryways. We can customize it by adding your company’s logo or whatever text you want to add.

These carpet doormats are made from the best quality materials. These door mats are beautiful and long lasting. We also customize doormats according to customer’s requirements. Our products are made from the best quality materials. These product are best in quality. We make sure our customer is fully satisfied with the quality of the product. At you will find the best quality products. We ensure full customer satisfaction guarantee only at

Carpet Doormats Dubai

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